What we believe

A Traditional Anglican Church affirms its 'Catholic' heritage. That term is used to affirm our fidelity to the whole Faith as revealed by Jesus Christ (without either additions or subtractions) as proclaimed by the Apostles, evangelists, saints, scholars, and martyrs of the Early Church and taught in the Holy Scripture. At the same time, we give thanks for the witness of those pastors and teachers, who in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries sought to "reform" the Church, some of whom gave their lives in witness to the authority of the Bible as principle rule in Faith and Practice.

Anglican Faith is thoroughly grounded in Holy Scripture of the Old and New Testaments as the authentic record of God's revelation himself, his saving activity and his moral demands. 

We hold that the ancient creeds - the Apostles', Nicene, and Athanasian - express the faith of the Church and are to be understood as they are written. 

We do nothing new, but rather, continue in the Christian Faith as recieved by the Church of England and passed on to us by our faithful predecessors; holding firmly to the truth and order of the Holy Scriptures, the Creeds, Sacraments and the Apostolic Ministry. 

Our official and Liturgy is The Book of Common Prayer. (1962)

We are determined by the help of God or to hold and maintain the Doctrine, Sacraments, and Discipline of Christ as the Lord hath commanded in his Holy Writ... and to transmit the same, unimpaired, to our prosperity. 

We hold fast to the principles outlined in the Solemn Declaration 1893 attested to by the Bishops of the Church at its formation in Canada and the Affirmations of St. Louis, 1977. 

We are parishes of The Traditional Anglican Church of Canada, a Missionary District of The Anglican Catholic Church - Original Province


Some of the Parish Council...